OB Vans



The TVN-Ü2UHD and its equipment vehicle form one of the most modern OB truck concepts on the European market. Together they offer around 24 workstations. The technology is designed for 3 control room operation and can process the signals from more than 30 cameras. Thanks to its exceptionally powerful, digital audio technology, the truckdouble is also perfect for complex concert and show productions. On board the TVN-Ü2UHD, completely independent hybrid productions in UHD and HD are possible, implemented with a TVN HDR / SDR workflow especially developed for OB van application. The special thing about it: The HD workflow is not affected by the UHD signal at any time. Because there is no down-conversion from UHD to HD, there is no reduction in HD signal quality. This ensures transmission reliability and the consistent quality of all signals produced at all times. TVN’s unique HDR / SDR workflow is based on the Sony XVS-8000 mixer and HDRC-4000 HDR converter(s).

The TVN-Ü2UHD can be extended to twice the width along the entire length of the trailer, creating a comfortable interior area of 70 square metres. Like all mobile TVN production units, the TVN-Ü2UHD is modular and individually configurable. The hard disk systems are fully networked.