OB Vans



Better down to the smallest detail: The digital HDTV OB van TVN-Ü3HD. Its conception and implementation is based on more than 20 years of international production experience. Highly customizable and multifunctional – the TVN-Ü3HD offers countless options for every client and any requirement. The 26 workstations are all multi-functionally preconfigured and can be staffed freely, either technically or in terms of personnel. Designed for 3-control operation, on board the TVN-Ü3HD and its equipment truck more than 24 cameras can be processed. Spacious pull-outs offer around 70 m² of interior space and thus extremely comfortable production conditions. But the TVN-Ü3HD is fully productive even with only one side extended – a special feature that takes into account any local conditions and spatial bottlenecks. The two picture control rooms of the OB van offer a total of around 150 previews. Several programmes can be produced independently of each other, Simulcast allows the output of SD and HD signals at the same time. The hard disk systems on board the TVN-Ü3HD are networked, and the command architecture is also consistent. The merging of information and broadcast technology has been consistently developed. The sound system is designed for 7.1. In addition to the main audio control room, a second one is available in the recording area. As a further novelty, several 100x and 86x Canon autofocus lenses are also on board. UPS (uninterruptible power supply) safeguards production reliability even in emergency situations. Modular and variable like all mobile production units from TVN, the TVN-Ü3HD can be seamlessly integrated into the fleet network and thus becomes a powerful component in an end-to-end digital network.