OB Vans



The largest OB truck on Europe’s roads is not only distinguished by its dimensions. It is its extraordinary spatial concept and unconventional solutions that make the Ü5HD from TVN a real eye-catcher. And a technical showpiece for all major productions – whether German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League matches or international live events throughout Europe. The TVN-Ü5HD is optimally designed for large productions thanks to the extraordinary space available. Drawers on both sides offer 32 comfortable workstations – sufficient capacities for the editorial staff and the technical staff! Control room 1 with its 4 ME Sony mixer panel (placed as desired – on the left, middle or right side of the table) offers nearly 100 monitor previews, which can be optimally viewed from 3 rows of seats. Control room 2 offers a 2 ME Sony mixer panel and 2×4 workstations. Control room 3 with a 2 ME panel (in the air-conditioned equipment truck) offers a separate router with 128 inputs and outputs for signal transfer with the OB van and feeding of the control room 3monitor wall. The video technology in the OB van (5 fading stations) offers the capacity for 24 CCUs. Recording format, medium and equipment can be adapted without restrictions as required. Features: Fully redundant 512 x 512 matrix, 8 hard disk recorders (EVS). The audio area is spatially separated. The LAWO mixer (2,500 x 2,500 audio matrix) is closely networked to the video area via the virtual studio manager (VSM) and ensures easy configuration and use of the audio-follows-video system. Equipment: Efficient Riedel Artist communication center, live audio dubbing or interpreter workstation in the tractors (air-conditioned).