Mobile Production

UEFA Champions League


Champions League all-time record for ZDF and TVN’s television pictures: 21.61 million viewers watched Bavaria’s 2:1 victory over the Borussen at Wembley. That’s a rating of 61.9%. TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION produced the ZDF football spectacle with the TVN-Ü3HD OB truck train. Four TVN vehicles and around 40 people were in action at Wembley. „The final of the top class with two exceptional teams – the order for such a TV highlight is of course also an award for us,“ says production manager Sebastian Rebelowski before the departure. „We are proud to deliver the pictures for Free TV in German-speaking countries. And of course we are looking forward to the outcome of this game!“. For TVN, Wembley is no unknown terrain: Both the last match before the long new construction of the Tradionsstadion 2003-2007 and the first international match after the reopening, England – Germany, were produced by TVN. In 2014, the Champions League Final 2014 was held in Lisbon. The TVN crew produced the city duel between Real and Atlético Madrid for ZDF. There TVN was in action with the Ü3HD and a team of 28 people. In addition, six cameras were used and the stadium was cut on a daily basis.