Mobile Production

Wölfe TV


TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION provides the technical, editorial and direction for the TV program in the stadium at the home games of the Bundesliga teams. At VFL Wolfsburg we are realising „Wölfe TV“, at Hannover 96 the „Stadion TV“. In both stadiums, the show starts an hour before the kick-off. It follows a detailed transmission schedule and is broadcast on the big screens in the stadium, the monitors in the VIP area and the boxes. Various elements are mixed on site via a broadcasting direction: the live images of the cameras, commercials, presentations, trailers and feature films. A separate system supplies numerous information graphics pre-produced by the TVN graphics department: The match line-up, information about the club, FanShop offers, sponsor boards and match statistics. The fans are constantly kept up to date with the latest information. At Stadion TV from Hannover 96, they can also express their opinion in front of the camera in the „Fanbox“: The comments are cut together in colour on a mobile system on site and run during the break. After every halftime there is a summary of the most important game scenes in Hanover as well as in Wolfsburg. After the final whistle, the press conferences will be broadcast live. Only 30 minutes after the end of the game the program goes off air in both arenas. Wölfe TV offers an additional service for all Internet users: The entire show can be seen on the VfL Wolfsburg website just one hour after the show closes.