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Would you like to rent a TV studio or need a green screen studio and are looking for a reliable partner who also provides technical and editorial support throughout the entire process? Then give us a call and let us advise you: +49 511 1212-3608.

Rent TV studio 1

At the Hannover Medienzentrum site, TVN operates a combined studio with two production areas. Area 1 is equipped with a real set-up. Area 2 has a green screen studio for live and recorded interviews. This combo studio is used for media training sessions, castings and other moving image productions.

Rent a sound studio

The TVN-3D audio studio, a spacious recording studio for music, film and speech, is next door. It is Dolby Atmos certified and immersive audio-capable up to 7.1.4.

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Rent TV studio 3

The live studio complex with audience area and green screen studio on the outskirts of Hanover is conveniently located near the motorway and airport.

The 700-square metre Studio 3 is TVN's largest television studio. In addition to its extensive ceiling studio lighting equipment and a large camera gallery, it features two audience galleries for 130 people. Regular TV shows with live audiences for the German public broadcaster NDR are produced in an attached control room plus separate audio control room.

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Rent TV studio 4

The 250-square metre green screen studio is right next to studio 3. It stands out for its very large concave green screen. Along with a gallery above the green screen, it is ideal for all shots that use the green box technique. This includes magazine programmes with virtual studio backgrounds, video shoots as well as photo shoots with special requirements.

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