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media consulting & system integration


The media challenges we face today are so diverse that many questions need to be settled in advance: How do I want to present my project and what technology do I need? How do I put a value chain in place and which channels should I target for my message? Is my budget sufficient and do I have the necessary resources?

We will gladly advise you, create a concept and compile equipment tailored to your needs, be it for the events and television sector, industry or culture.

We offer the following service:

Needs analysis

What do I want to achieve? Which resources are available? Which technology is available and what else do I need? We determine the status quo and set the task.

Workflow design

The workflow describes the functionality of the overall work process – from start to finish. Defining the workflow is the basic building block of our work and we take an integrated approach to this.

Process consulting

In practice, we distinguish between a technical process and an operational process. The two are often intimately linked. The technical process is closely linked to the workflow and describes a sequence of events. The operational process includes a specification of the workplace and defining staff responsibilities. When new technical systems are introduced, this often calls for a change management process, which redefines previous fields of activity and work processes.

Media technical consulting and evaluation

After we have completed the needs analysis, we turn to your individual technical needs. We guarantee operational reliability and redundancy when it comes to your technical equipment. You already know what equipment you want, but there are too many alternatives? A wide range of products is available on the market and many international manufacturers offers similar products. The range of products on offer can be confusing and seemingly identical products can in fact differ significantly. As an industry-independent system partner, we compare products and applications and provide you with an overview to suit your media objectives.

Feasibility studies

It can be crucial for a project to first figure out the process theoretically. Will everything run smoothly and is a reliable workflow chain in place between the Cloud and on-premise components? Thinking through the process in advance will help answer these and many other questions. We not only compare technical aspects, we also compare processes and handling using demo systems.

Concept development

The concept is the basis of every project. This building block is shared by all project members, which means further planning steps can be added. The concept defines basic processes and target states.

Implementation planning

Project implementation includes, among other things, preliminary planning, conception and system construction. Many processes have to be coordinated, both in theory and in practice. As part of the implementation planning we coordinate the trades and time schedules and set priorities.

Detailed planning

Detailed planning falls between concept development and implementation. This is when we determine the level of detail of the media technology processes. The detailed planning process defines your project – from selecting the equipment to hardware and software settings through to operation and programming.

Project documentation

To ensure that you get access to the latest knowledge for future optimisations and expansions or in support cases, we provide you with the relevant documents after each project, including manuals and warranty conditions, CAD circuit diagrams, material lists and label directories as well as the planning documents mentioned earlier. If desired, these can also continue to be updated depending on the degree of optimisation. We work with the usual standards and are happy to support you with any plan changes or expansions.

Initial setup

The initial setup process ensures that all components are coordinated and fulfil their intended function. Often, even small chains of errors are recognised and corrected here. The initial setup process and the functional test form the basis of the technical acceptance.

System integration

Successful integration of technology and processes is based on comprehensive knowledge of all production-relevant requirements and combines the mechanical installation of equipment and its cabling with software-based networking and implementation.


In the case of resource bottlenecks, the question is whether an environment is still financially viable. Staff shortages in particular can turn daily operations into a challenge. We offer solutions for remote productions and system optimisation and we provide the necessary technology and staff.

Service and support

Before, during and after your project we are there for you to provide support, be it via RMA, remote access, over the phone, by hardware replacement or a software upgrade. All processes are governed by support contracts to keep costs stable and predictable. We are happy to put together a support package for you – including IP security concepts.

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