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Are you in need of a professional service provider for drone footage and video flights from unique perspectives? When it comes to aerial shots with drones, we offer expertise and flexibility to create live broadcasts, scenic productions or industrial inspections. Get in touch and let us convince you: +49 511 1212-3720.

Aerial shots by TVN enhance commercials, promotional films, event documentaries and TV reports with innovative perspectives. Camera systems with zoom are used to create unique drone footage of sporting events that can be broadcast live in HD or recorded in 4K/UHD. We use drone footage in promotional films and information media specifically to enhance existing material by an emotional dimension.

Our camera crews, directors and editors have specialist knowledge in image creation and in the design of drone footage. This enhances the aesthetic appeal and storyline of every film production. Aerial shots create optimal impact. Our copter pilots have gained  more than hundreds of hours of flight experience in more than ten years, they are certified and confident in dealing with a wide range of drones and camera systems. Our directors and editors are also familiar with the new perspectives and the many image design possibilities. This is also reflected in the administrative component with regard to drone footage. The field of aerial shooting has been systematically developed and expanded. Flight controllers, pilots and camera crews have all the necessary expertise and are familiar with the professional requirements for the planning of aerial shoots – especially the strict legal requirements concerning unmanned aerial systems. They adjust the drone shots to suit the conditions at hand and ensure that everything runs quickly and smoothly, starting from the approval processes. Close relationships have been in place for decades with the aviation authorities and other government agencies. There is now nothing in the way of your successful aerial shots.

Our drone footage also has numerous applications in industry. Aerial shots can take the place of dangerous or complex human work for construction documentation, the construction or maintenance of solar plants or for the inspection of hall infrastructure. Our specialists work with copters specially adapted for industrial inspection and with camera systems for the relevant diagnostic procedures. In addition to conventional drone photo and video, methods such as thermography, laser scanning, geomagnetics and ultrasound can also be used when doing aerial shots. The main factors are safety, reliable results and efficiency: In most cases, the copter requires only 5-10 percent of the inspection time of conventional methods.

Application areas and methods for industrial inspection

Exploration | Mining

Process: Thermography | Visual Inspection | Geomagnetics



Process: Geomagnetics



Process: Laser scan | Photogrammetry


Inspection | Building documentation

Process: Video | Photo | Photogrammetry | Laser scan


Tower-like buildings 

Process: Visual Inspection

We visualize the arrival of athletes at stadiums and bands at concert halls, produce exclusive beauty shots, and provide TV viewers with orientation support in the form of complete overviews. Our spectacular live aerial images are versatile in terms of use. TVN combines aerial photography expertise and many years of broadcasting skills. TVN Live-Copter teams consisting of licensed pilots, experienced camera personnel and specialised technicians realise more than 100 projects worldwide each year. Increasingly, we are  producing images in conjunction with virtual content such as augmented reality. The goal is always to offer added value to our customers and their audience in the live arena.

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