Planning and implementation of network architecture, streaming services and processes, post-production, archiving, cloud-based production processes, workflow automation, individual adaptation of processes, IP-based production management, installation and support of network structures, SAW operations, IP security concepts, digital production environment, site networking, cloud-based platforms, support, operation, system administration

Broadcast IT

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Broadcast IT is the backbone of every media production today – from planning to distribution. Future-proof technologies and data security, transmission quality and cost control are just a few of the important factors to bear in mind when evaluating a project.

Our specialists help you with all aspects of media production, from planning to operation. The increasing shift to web-based solutions such as streaming, transcoding, remote production and site networking brings challenges that often only become evident when they are viewed holistically.

With more than 30 years of production experience, we offer the following specialised services, among others:

  • Planning and implementation of network architecture
  • Streaming services and processes
  • Post-production
  • Archiving
  • Cloud-based production processes
  • Workflow automation
  • Individual adaptation of processes
  • IP-based production management
  • Installation and support of network structures
  • SAW operations
  • IP security concepts
  • Digital production environment
  • Site networking
  • Cloud-based platforms
  • Support, operation and system administration
  • Support, Operating Und Systemadministration
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