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Are you looking for creative editors who can turn a good story into an exciting real life format? We specialise in infotainment and reporting series. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on: +49 511 1212 3354.

For more than 25 years we have delighted our clients with sustainable format ideas and concepts. Non-fiction, reality, reporting and entertainment – always with an eye on the latest media trends, our editors offer creative, innovative and top quality serial production concepts. We are very flexible when it comes to developing new content, offering topics and ideas with or without specific format requests. We also develop specific tailor-made concepts. Our expertise ranges from format conception to pitch to production we well as the planning and implementation of serial programmes.

We deliver everything from a single source: from the creative idea to a perfect production to the finished show. With the combined power of multiple creative minds, we offer a pool of expertise for traditional television programming as well as a think tank for new forms of broadcasting.

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